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Copy Doesn’t Convert : 5 Reasons You Can Fix

You have spent hours writing copy for  a sales page that you just know will fill your bank account to overflowing. You labored, you sweated, you’ve edited and polished for hours on end. You eagerly place your message before your audience and wait for the sales to come rolling in. And you wait and wait. The initial rush of excitement that you feel gives way to disappointment, and then to frank disgust. You were sure that your sales page was perfect, that your copy could have won a Pulitzer Prize, but your copy doesn’t convert tire kickers into sales. What happened?

Good copy has to have certain elements in place to make it effective. All of the elements interact to create the message that your audience receives. When one of the elements is missing or out of sync with the other elements of the copy, you leave questions in the mind of the reader. If your audience is left with questions, they won’t buy your product or perform the desired action.  When copy doesn’t convert it can usually be traced to one of the following reasons:
Increase Copy Conversion with these 5 fixes
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Wrong message

Your copy will leave an impression on the reader, either good or bad. If your copy reads like an advertisement for a lovely piece of ocean front property in Arizona, then don’t expect your audience to have a favorable impression of your product or your business. Keep your copywriting free of hype and hard sales and watch your sales copy convert.

 Wrong Product

Are you trying to sell the wrong product to your audience? Are you trying to sell shampoo to regrow hair when your customer really wants a toupee? Find out what your audience really wants by hanging out in the places where they hang out. Visit social media sites, forums, and blogs and listen to the conversations, I promise you will learn a lot about your market.

 Wrong Audience

You have a wonderful new product that is designed to keep you cool on the hottest days. Who do you want to market that to? You want to find a desperate audience and provide your marketing message to them. Don’t market to the Eskimos, they don’t need it. But if you market it to the jungles of the world, you’ll sell so many that you will be dizzy counting the money.

Wrong Emotion

Every problem that your audience has also includes a very strong primary emotion that accompanies it. There may be more than one emotion, but if you dig deep enough you will discover that there is one emotion that is stronger than the others. This is the emotion that you want to target in your sales copy. But it must be the correct emotion. You cannot expect to have conversions if you are targeting the fear of pain when the audience is really experiencing the fear of death. Make sure that you are targeting the primary emotion.

 Your Copy Speaks the Wrong Language

In my book Crank Out Copy That Sells, I use an analogy about a very successful marketer who moves to the United States. He is sure that he will have life so much better where there is more opportunity. However, he struggles to sell anything. Why? He isn’t speaking the language of his audience. They cannot understand his message. When you speak, speak the language of the audience. Clear, concise copy will convert.




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