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Copywriting The Art of Selling Hope

In copywriting, problems equal pain. The pain may be physical or emotional, but the end result is the same; a feeling of discomfort that we want to rid ourselves of. We hope that there is a solution to our pain. When we find it, we hope that we can afford it. And when we buy it, we hope that we have found the relief that we seek. When we buy, we are not consciously buying the solution to our problem. We are buying hope. Hope that the pain will go away, hope that things will be better. Buyers are looking beyond the solution that you are providing to see hope. You can preach how wonderful your product is like an all day revival, but until you make your prospect feel the hope in your solution, you most likely won’t make any sales.

Hope in Copywriting


Hope as a Motivator

Our whole life is centered around hope, it is the motivation that keeps us moving forward from one day to the next.  When we are sick, we hope that we will quickly get better. When we are down on our luck we hope that things will be better. Without hope we are not motivated to act. Today might be awful, but we live with the thought that tomorrow will be different.

Copywriting Hope

Yes, there is a point to my rambling. When you can make your prospect feel that your product provides them the hope of a solution to their problem, you have made a sale. You are selling hope.

Make them feel hope=Make a sale

Buy now I hope you are beginning to ask how to accomplish this. When you start to focus on the emotion of hope you should do it in such a way that your prospect is not aware of what is happening. In fact, you should not use the word hope in your copywriting.  What you should do is focus on what the prospect is hoping to achieve when they buy your product. You are aiming for the emotional response here. What are the emotions that the misery causes? Speak to that misery in your copy. Imagine the misery that your prospect will no longer feel when they use your product.  How does your product relieve it? What emotions are your prospects going to feel once the misery is relieved? Speak to those emotions in your copy, you are selling the solution to that misery in your copywriting.

Use descriptive words and phrases when you are selling hope. You want your prospects to have vivid imagery of the experience and relief that your product will provide. Describe that relief. How does it smell. taste, feel? What things are they going to be able to do and accomplish once they find relief?

Desire for your product lies within the seed of hope. It is up to you to water, nuture, and grow that seed. Remember, you can not create desire where none exists, you can only deepen it. You are selling hope.



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