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Copywriting Tips: Using Appeal to Persuade

In order to write great copy you should decide what strategy is going to work best in appealing to your audience. While there are multiple copywriting techniques that can be used, there are three very important ones that are the subject of today’s post.

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Copywriting Tip # 1: Appeal Through Authority

People who are in positions of authority are automatically thought to be more honest and trustworthy than those who are not. They also are perceived as people of influence and knowledgeable in their field. So if they say something it must be true. If they recommend something it must be good. Authority figures have an innate ability to persuade.

You can use the appeal of authority in your copywriting in a variety of ways. Include testimonials from respected names in the same field as the product or a related field will enhance the credibility of your copy and the product.

Certain objects can be symbols of authority. A doctor’s white coat or the scales of justice also represent authority. What graphic symbols of authority could you include on your sales page?

A third way that your copywriting can appeal through authority is to use authoritative references. You can do this easily if you state data or statistics related to your product, you can easily throw in the reference. Example: “Mayo Clinic research reveals …… Product x will help keep you safe”  However, be very careful not to imply endorsement of the product by an authority figure if no such endorsement exists.

Copywriting Tip #2: Appeal Through Emotions

This is an important way to persuade the audience. However this one is also incredibly easy to screw up. The emotion targeted must be congruent with the values and beliefs of the audience. In order to effectively appeal to the emotions, the copywriter must show understanding of and empathy toward the emotion.

Fear is a very powerful emotion that can be used to persuade the audience. Fear can be incorporated into your sales letter by making the risk of passing up your offer worse than the risk of purchasing it. This is a very effective technique for increasing conversion. However, be very careful to keep it real and don’t take it over the top or you risk triggering the BS meter.

Stories or metaphors are also very effective techniques for appealing to the emotions. Stories engage the reader’s sympathies and the imagination. Through imagination, the reader begins to believe that anything is possible. Stories turn the abstract of logic into something existent and tangible. And we all know that the buying process is justified with logic.

Copywriting Tip #3: Appeal Through Logic

As just mentioned all buying is justified by logic. Purchases that seem to be highly logical appeal  to all buyers. Logic can be introduced to the copywriting in a variety of themes: saving money, saving time, safety factors, having a competitive edge, etc. Facts and figures are another technique to appeal to logic and have the added credibility of authority.

Appealing to your audience is a way of build a relationship with them. Your words are your sales person. In order to persuade them, make them like your words. After all, most of us would rather buy from someone we like.




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